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Vietnamese cuisine is probably one of the most popular and delicious in Southeast Asia. with its diverse and unique culinary heritage, the country’s cuisine has been recognized across the globe. Here at Mimosa Restaurant, we want to deliver our customers the taste of Vietnam in the United States. 

To make sure that we give you an authentic and high-quality dining experience, we studied the dishes and recipes thoroughly. Each dish is made with careful attention to detail so we can give you the standard you deserve. 

A look into Vietnam’s culinary history 

Vietnam’s history is turbulent but beautiful. Similar to other Southeast Asian countries that were colonized, the country underwent many changes that resulted in the country they are today. One of the well-known aspects of Vietnam is its culinary heritage.

In the 1200s, the indigenous members of the tribe found a home in the Hong River Valley where they were able to sustain themselves through hunting and harvesting crops. Since the country was blessed with fertile lands, people were able to farm and grow vegetation that became their source of food. 

Later on, the country was ruled over by various Chinese dynasties which caused a lot of changes in their livelihood. One of the changes introduced in the country is noodles, which became one of the staple foods in the country. 

Invented during the Han dynasty in China, noodles were made of millet and other grain products. Soon, it became a widespread sensation in other Southeast Asian countries. In Vietnam, however, it became a major form of sustenance for people and was used for various recipes and dishes. 

When Vietnam was colonized by the French, it began a revolution that altered the country’s food heritage drastically. The merging of Vietnamese and French cuisine was a revolutionary event in the culinary scene. Popular Vietnamese dishes such as Pho have French roots, which is derived from the pot-au-feu, a popular soup meal in France. 

Over the years, Vietnam has continued to create dishes that mainly have a French influence. For example, the Banh mi’s is made of French baguette stuffed with marinated meat, seafood and pickled vegetables.

During the Geneva convention in 1954, Vietnam was split into two which led many Northerners to shift to the South, along with their recipes. It became a heaven for cooks because the Southern region of the country was blessed with more fertile lands, making it easy for them to grow crops, spices, bean sprouts, and lime. 

It was during this period that dishes such as pho developed a distinct spicier touch, which became the global standard for pho soup.

When the American war hit, a lot of Vietnamese refugees travelled to other countries, where they opened restaurants that made Vietnamese cuisine a global sensation. 

Here at Mimosa Restaurant, we will bring you the true flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. Dine now and get to know more about our country’s heritage when you taste our dishes. 

Mimosa Restaurant: Order dishes from our menu 

Bun bo Hue 

The bun bo hue is one of the most popular dishes in Vietnam. Enjoyed by feudal lords and their families, the bun bo hue is a dish invented in 1802 where it gained its regal status among the elite because of its delicious medley of flavours. Made of noodles with ingredients such as fermented shrimp paste, lemongrass, ginger, pork knuckle, and banana muscles, this dish will give you warmth and comfort at the same time. If you are looking for something to eat during cold evening evenings, the bun bo hue is your top choice. Here at Mimosa Restaurant, we season this soup with extra spices to add an extra kick of flavour. 

Mi hoanh thanh 

Mi hoanh thanh is a dish made of wonton noodle soup, which is now a popular dish in the country. Made of noodles, chives, lettuce, sliced pork, minced meat and rice cracker, this dish will give you an exciting burst of flavours and textures. Because this is a versatile dish, the mi hoanh thanh can be enjoyed with rice or on its own. 

Banh mi 

When the French colonialists arrived at the shores of Vietnam, they brought with them products such as coffee, potatoes, and baguettes. When locals discovered what these items are used for, they created different dishes with them. One discovery they made that found its way in the global culinary scene was Banh mi. Made with baguettes cooked with pate and French butter, this dish was stuffed with meat, seafood, vegetables, and spices. 

Here at Mimosa restaurant, we offer a wide selection of banh mi fillings that will satisfy your cravings. We offer fillings in pork, seafood, and chicken. To make things more delicious for you, we have added an extra helping of sprigs, coriander, hot sauce, and pork floss. Our special selections have pigskin and meatballs. 

Pho bo

Pho bo is probably ranked as Vietnam’s most popular culinary export. Also known as beef noodle soup in other countries, this dish can trace its origins at the city of Hanoi during the 20th century. Made with a thin slice of beef spiced using star anise and other spices, the pho bo is a culinary wonder that will give your palate a burst of flavour and texture that you will never forget. Additionally, because it has noodles, you can skip pairing it with rice because it’s already a hearty meal.

Cha ca la vong 

Another dish from Hanoi, the Cha ca la vong is a popular meal made of fried fish, dill, spring onions, served with a  cold bun called ‘bun’. Sprinkled with peanuts, this dish features a crunchy taste that you will enjoy with a dash of sauce and peanut dip.

According to history, the Cha ca la vong was born when revolutionaries met up in hidden spaces in the Hang Son in Hanoi. They were hosted by the La Vong family, who served them cha ca dishes. Soon, the dish became popular and even members of the French elites also took a liking to the special dish. 

When the French colonizers left, the street was renamed Cha Ca and the establishment became a symbol of the country’s revolt against the French. 

Bun Dau mam tom 

Also known as food for the poor, the Bun Dau mam tom is a dish that was served during the American War. When the US trade placed an embargo that lasted 20 years, the supply of food in the country became scarce. 

Moreover, meat became a luxury that common people can’t afford. During this period, people survived by eating bun dau mam tom, a dish made of cold rice noodles and fermented shrimp paste. 

Over the years, this cheap dish became a popular option for people who cannot afford food. It became a sensation and has undergone changes since it was introduced.

Nowadays, you can find ban dau mam tom served with fried tofu and other herbs and spices. Because it’s cooked with fermented shrimp paste, it features a quaint smell that you will find pungent at first, but actually tastes nice. 

Hu tieu Nam Vang 

Made of sweet rice noodles, prawns, and offal soup, this dish is a delicious dish we serve on our specials menu. During its early years, the Hu Tieu Nam Vang became popular in the country when a surge of Cambodians entered Vietnam.

Soon, it became a popular dish in Saigon. Here at Mimosa Restaurant, we offer a wide selection of toppings for this dish. You can opt for pork, seafood, and vegetables.

Bun cha 

Made of grilled pork and a handful of vegetables, the Bun Cha is a delicious meal made of fish sauce, sliced chayote, carrots, and lettuce, perilla leaves, and bean sprouts. If you’re craving a dish that will fill your stomach, the Bun Cha is a dish you shouldn’t miss. 


If you want a taste of both sweet and savoury, Ch ies a delicious dish that you can opt for. Often described as ‘sweet dessert soup’, Che is a hearty meal made of kidney beans, grass jelly, and tapioca fruit cooked in coconut cream. If you’re craving something sweet on a hot summer day, this dish will give you the refreshing taste you need. 

Hue tieu 

Also known as ‘pork bone’ the hue tieu dish is one of the most popular meals you can have in Vietnam. Cooked with the right amount of spicy and savoury, this dish is something you can enjoy with rice or on its own.

Banh xeo 

If you want to enjoy a savoury pancake dish, the banh xeo is a delicious food made of pork and shrimp seasoned with turmeric. This seasoned goodness is wrapped in crepe to make it more delicious. It’s often referred to as ‘sizzling cake’ in Vietnam.