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Pakistan is a country in South Asia that has a unique culinary heritage. Similar to its neighbor country, India, Pakistan also flavours their dishes with spices and uses traditional cooking methods to add more texture to their cuisine.

In some cases, there are also Pakistani recipes that are almost similar to the ones you can find in India. Here at Mimosa Restaurant, we’ve recently expanded our menu to include several Pakistani meals for our customers. 

Starters menu 

For our starters menu, we’ve added a couple of dishes that will enhance the appetite of our customers. Enjoy yourself when you snack on these starters: 


Pakora is one of the most delicious dishes on our menu. Made from okra coated lightly with batter, this dish is a delicious finger food that is served in a lot of Pakistani events. It is best served with green chutney sauce or tamarind sauce. 

Gol Gappa 

Gol Gappa is a dish made popular by street vendors who would sing to let people know that they’re selling food. This dish comes in the form of a round shell made with semolina fried to perfection. Once cooked, the gol gappa becomes brittle and then a hole is formed in the middle so it can be filled with fillings such as tamarind chutney. 

Main courses 

Here are some of the main dishes we offer at Mimosa restaurant: 


Haleem is considered a comfort dish by most Pakistanis. Made of lentils, wheat, barley and minced beef, this dish is slow cooked for hours in a gentle blend of spices that adds a delicious medley of flavours and textures you will enjoy. 


Nihari is another popular dish in Pakistan made with a soup-like consistency. Usually, this dish is made of goat then simmered in a heavy blend of spices that is good for the cold season. If you’re looking for something to give you warmth on cold winter evenings, this dish is perfect for you. 

Tarka daal 

Tarka daal is a vegetarian dish made of lentils, onions, and plenty of garlic cloves cooked in heavy spices. Additionally, the flavour of the dish is enhanced by the cumin seeds and browned garlic cooked in a separate pan. In some regions, they add tarka which makes the lentils more savoury. 

Lobia dal 

Made with black-eyed peas, the lobia dal is a dish packed with protein and fibre that is good for your body. Usually, it is soaked overnight before it gets cooked to make sure that the texture and smoothness is maintained when simmered. Once cooked, it’s best served with roti or other leavened bread.


Karela is a dish made of bitter melons cooked in chilli powder, turmeric, salt, coriander powder, and a pinch of cumin seed. In Pakistan, bitter melon has a lot of benefits such as purifying the blood, decreasing blood sugar, and strengthening the immune system. 

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