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Mimosa Restaurant: Everything you need to know about our restaurant 

Mimosa Restaurant is one of the most popular establishments offering authentic Vietnamese cuisine that’s been providing delicious dishes for our customers. 

Since 2011, we’ve been operating in Canada to give customers hearty meals inspired by the diverse and rare flavours of Vietnamese cuisine. Here at our restaurant, you will find a wide selection of food and meals that our skilled staff prepared.

Before we became the restaurant we are today, our place was a humble store in the heart of the city serving basic meals and dishes. When our food gathered popularity, our store expanded into a fine dining restaurant where people can enjoy dishes and casual snacks. 

Here are some of the reviews we received from our happy and satisfied customers: 

Ever since I became an ex-pat working in Canada, I’ve been looking for the taste of home in Vietnamese restaurants I find in the city. 

However, none of them ever came close to Mimosa Restaurants dishes which boasts the authentic taste of Vietnamese cuisine. Every time I order a pho, it brings back memories of home and the places where I used to buy the soup. 

Additionally, their service is good and the staff are very accommodating, especially when you’re a newcomer to their place. Will definitely come back with my family and friends. 

-Phan Trang, ex-pat living in Canada

I’m a big foodie and I love exploring new places to eat. I discovered Mimosa Restaurant by accident while I was walking around the city. The first thing I ordered on the menu was their Banh Mi, which is a baguette stuffed with savoury meat and herbs.

At first bite, I was welcomed by a flurry of flavours that shocked my taste buds. Ever since then, Mimosa has been one of my go-to restaurants. What I like more about their place is that they have nice staff members who are very accommodating and answering my questions about their menu!

-Grace Smith, food blogger

Order our food now at Mimosa Restaurant!

We have exciting promos and deals when it’s your first time dining in Mimosa Restaurant. If you want to experience world-class dining, reserve your tables now through our website or you can walk-in on our restaurants. Here are some of the ways you can dine with us:

Reservation through website 

If you want to make sure that you’ll get a seat in our restaurant, you can book on our website and pay in advance by card. Just indicate the number of seats you need and fill out the necessary information we need to process your request. 


We allow walk-in customers in our restaurants. However, if the place if fully-booked, you have to wait in line and wait for a table to be vacated.